Ms. Nikina Jones, Nurses Guild Director
 Ambassador for Christ
Nikina Jones, Servant Leader
Rose Archie, Assistant Leader
Antionette Runnels, Assistant Leader
Cynthia Noble, Assistant Leader
Focus on Maintaining Wellness
As we continue the Ministry of jesus Christ in aiding inthe healing of the sick in
Body - Mind - Spirit
Monthly Health Watch
(Jan) Brain Exercises      (May) Feeling Care Confident    (Sept) Cervical Cancer
     for better memory                                                                      HPV
(Feb) Better Health         (June) Teen Self Esteem              (Oct) Cold & Allergies
(Mar) Speaking to Men    (July) Family Fun in the Sun       (Nov) Healthy Joints
        about Health
(Apr) Living with             (Aug) Keep your Family Safe       (Dec) Beating Heart
         Diabetes                                                                                   Disease
Semi Annual Blood Pressure / Blood Glucose Screening
February  -  August
Annual Health Fair
We will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word.
Acts 6:4